Martin Luther King Jr.

Today is a day to remember a man, not because of what race he was. It is a day to be remember b/c one man despite threats of violence and racism, spoke a message of freedom, equality, love, peace, and unity among all races, religions and people of the world through. That man, Martin Luther King Jr. is who we remember today and the change he worked his entire life for.

Another wishful thinker and dreamer, just waiting for a happier world…..

What Do You Think Makes The World Go ‘Round?

Let me share some real talk with you if i may. I was asked today, in my opinion, what i thought made the world go ‘round in terms of humanity and the human population. At first i wanted to say the strive for a better life on an individual basis, but then i thought about it more and came to the conclusion that, the sad, and sickening yet true answer to the question, GREED. Now before I continue I am not writing this as to say I am a “prophet” in any way or to say i know the key to a better world, because i don’t, i just have my own personal convictions. At any rate, greed and the selfish desire to get what one wants when one wants it no matter what has to be done. Personally i think that’s why there is so much pain and suffering and corruption in this world. And it’s a pattern that is happening on a world wide scale, the world population as a whole has forgotten what it’s meant to truly be honest with one another, and to let people be who they are supposed to be even if what they do isn’t how we do things. As another side note of course this would exclude things like allowing rapist to just run free, but extremes such as go with out being said, however one can never be too careful with what is put on the internet, especially when blogging, but i digress. Basically what my point is, is that in all honesty if the people of the world could set aside the racial, and cultural, religious, and economic prejudices then the world on a whole might actually become just a little bit better of a place. This of course is an idealistic theory but we’ve tried everything else. Power only led to rebellion, war and bloodshed. Money caused economies to tumble drastically. It’s funny because most governments would have you believe strength can only be achieved through strength of arms. A fallacy unfortunately believed by the majority of people. We need to get back to the basic truth that it is only through compromise, cooperation, trust, and the ability to put aside our personal agendas what ever they be, and work as human beings to actually see if maybe peace, love, compassion, acceptance and a understanding that, though life sucks, as long as we can be loyal and united to one another, the life we live will be made a little bit more worth living……..

it’s just a thought and again i’m not claiming i know anything or have any solutions, only my personal thoughts. I hate to ask because no one like forward stuff but if you could maybe reblog this and see if you can get a friend of yours to do the same i’d appreciate it. I don’t want fame or regonition, I’m a simple 19 year old young man from indiana, I just want a better world to live in and for the generations to follow to be able to live and live better lives than that of the terrible times of violence and lack of compassion in the world we our living ours in now. Again tho if you don’t want to reblog, that’s fine, but for me at least, and for the sake of even our own futures, consider the possibilty

Yours Truly 

Joel Morrison Pedigo

Mooresville, IN

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